To get an idea of my thinking—depending on how much time you have—you can  :
1. Read these 47 words:  
What’s changing is what an education is and what “being educated” means:  The world is at the beginning of a civilization-level change in education, from the old “academic” approach that improves individuals, to an “empowering skills” approach that directly improves their world (and individuals in the process).
2. Examine this graphic:

3. Read these 4 paragraphs:
Our goal at the Global Future Education Foudation and Institute is to help the world go beyond education “reform” to Civilization-level Change in Education. We want to show students, parents, educators and politicians that there is now a clear alternative to our current, failing, academic education, and that we no longer have to go on trying to incrementally adapt our old education to fit our future world and kids—an impossible, Sisyphusian task.
The descriptive name for the new education paradigm whose overall vision, understanding and acceptance we promote is “Empowerment to Better Their World” education. Its generic goals are (1) to empower kids through real-world projects, so that they understand how to get positive things done in the world; (2) to have kids start to make their world a better place while they are students, so that they will go on doing this for the rest of their lives; and (3) to begin the development of all the life-long skills that fall under the four crucial headings of Effective Thinking, Effective Action, Effective Relationships and Effective Accomplishment, i.e. the full range of skills that people need for success at any endeavor.
This new kind of education—that far better fits the world and students of today and tomorrow—is currently emerging in pockets around the globe. Our aim is to conceptually align all the emerging implementations of this new kind of education into a powerful force for educational change—making the new, alternative choice clear to the world’s students, parents, educators and politicians.
We do not seek to promote any single implementation or version of the new paradigm, or to replace all the academic education in the world. Rather, we seek to demonstrate that there is a serious and viable new, alternative education now available for young people—generically, an “Empowerment to Better Their World” Education—that parents, educators and politicians can understand and accept as an equally valid way—and in most cases a better wayto educate the children of today and tomorrow.
4. Watch these two one-minute videos: 
5. Read these two recently-published articles:
6. View, at,  or on an Apple or Android mobile phone, a database of over 50 examples of real-world projects with Measurable Positive Impact on the World that students have recently done.
7. View this list of skills we don’t, for the most part, teach systematically, but could and should:

8. Read online the first chapter of my latest book, EDUCATION TO BETTER THEIR WORLD: Unleashing the Power of 21st Century Kids (which just won the FOREWARD INDIES 2016 Book of the Year Award GOLD PRIZE FOR EDUCATION.)  READ CHAPTER 
9. Read my entire book, EDUCATION TO BETTER THEIR WORLD: Unleashing the Power of 21st Century Kids  (Winner, FOREWARD INDIES Book of the Year Award 2016 GOLD PRIZE FOR EDUCATION.)
Here are some reviews:
“Every now and then a book comes along that helps you see the world in a very different way.  This is one of those books.  Education to Better their World is the most important and insightful book I have read in many years.”
     CHARLES M. REIGELUTH, Professor of Education, Indiana University
“As an educator with 38 years of experience–with the last 18 as a School Superintendent–I came away from your most recent book: “Education to Better Their World”, inspired. You are spot on with our need to stop dabbling around the edges of innovation and begin making wholesale structuring, philosophical, and political shifts in the way we educate our youth.”
     ROY MONTESANO, Superintendent of Schools, Bronxville Union Free School District, NY 
“Marc Prensky—one of the smartest people working in educational reform today—offers us a lucid, inspiring, optimistic, doable, and crucial blueprint for how we can build a future with the schools children desperately need in our modern, high-risk, highly complex, fast-changing, and imperiled world.”
     JAMES PAUL GEE, Mary Lou Fulton Presidential Professor of Literacy Studies, Regents’ Professor, Arizona State University
“Marc Prensky’s answer to the question ‘What is the purpose of education?”—that education should now empower youth to improve their communities and the world—would unleash the energy, creativity, and compassion of students and teachers in ways we have never imagined. We need the better world Prensky envisions and we need it now.”
     MILTON CHEN, The George Lucas Educational Foundation
“Marc Prensky was always ahead of his time. Education to Better Their World continues this trend in spades. This book is a goldmine and a powerful wakeup call that the future is already here—in  pockets right now but a harbinger of what is rapidly emerging. Read the book and make yourself part of the future today.”
     MICHAEL FULLAN, Professor Emeritus, OISE / University of Toronto
“it’s a great book. Filled with food for thought, common sense, provocative ideas—and fun to read.”
     NIEVES SEGOVIA, Presidenta, Institucion Educativa SEK (SEK International Schools)
“Prensky offers perhaps the most compelling case and model yet articulated by anyone for today’s globally-empowered children.  A must-read book for all educators and anyone who cares about education.”
     JAMES TRACY, Head of School, Rocky Hill School (RI)
“Wow. As a takeaway it is good—very good.”
     JOHN SEELY BROWN, Deloitte Center for the Edge


“Every now and then a book comes along that helps you see the world in a very different way.  This is one of those books.  … the most important and insightful book I have read in many years.”  ––CHARLES M. REIGELUTH, Professor of Education, Indiana University

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