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Digital Game-Based Learning

Digital Game-Based Learning, Marc’s first book, was published in 2001 by McGraw-Hill, and re-published in 2007 by Paragon House.

It was the first comprehensive look at using digital games for learning (now — finally — a hot topic in education). Still valid, useful, and an excellent introduction to the subject of learning games, Marc’s book describes both the theory and the practice of Digital Games-Based learning, in education, training and the military.


“Digital games are now being used to teach babies the alphabet, to help kids monitor their diabetes and overcome ADD, to teach both practical and tactical skills to the military, to teach financial derivatives to auditors and to teach CAD software to engineers, among many other things. And this is just the beginning — ANYTHING can be taught more effectively through Digital Game-Based Learning.”

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Chapter 1: The Digital Game-Based Learning Revolution.
- Fun at Last!
- The Opportunities in the Digital Game-Based Learning Revolution
- Primary Learning – Not Just for Review
- Case Study 1: The Monkey Wrench Conspiracy: How to get 3 million engineers to learn (and like it)
- Case Study 2: In$ider Case Study: How to be sure the people who audit the books get it right (and like it!)
- The Promise of Digital Game-Based Learning
- The Key Messages

Chapter 2: The Games Generations: How Learners Have Changed
- How learners have changed
- Do they really think differently?
- Digital Media: A Second Language
- Different from TV: Manipulating versus Watching
- So what about attention spans?
- 10 ways the Games Generation is different
- “Attitude”
- Reflection: The Disappearing Skill?

Chapter 3: Why Education and Training Have Not Changed
- Content-centered versus Learner-Centered Approaches
- Tell-Test
- The Linear/Logical Approach
- A brief history of Learning and Technology
- The great “how do people learn?” debate
- A history of learning technologies
- Instructional Design – Helping of Hurting?
- So Why is Change So Difficult?

Chapter 4: Digital Game-Based Learning: New Hope for Learner-centered Training and Education
- Learner-centered Education
- Learning Technologies – A double edged sword
- Enormous Potential
- Towards A Learner-Centered Environment: What if the Training and Education World were like the Games World?
- Motivating Today’s Learners


Chapter 5: Fun, Play and Games: What Makes Games Engaging?
- Fun, the great motivator
- Fun and Learning
- Play, the universal teacher
- Play and Learning
- Play and Work
- Games: adding the structure
- What Makes a Game a Game? Six Structural Factors
- Other types of Interactivity beside Games
- “Digital” games
- Game Taxonomy – Categories of Games
- Computer Game Design
- The Impact of good design – the user experience
- Computer Game Preferences: Culture and Individuals
- Computer Game Rhetoric
- Summary – What Makes Games So Engaging?

Chapter 6: Digital Game-Based Learning: Why and How it Works
- Why Digital Game-Based Learning works
- How do you combine computer games and learning?
- Selecting a game style
- The subject matters- types of interactive learning
- Putting the Game and Learning Together
- Business and Political Context – “being PC”
- Types of Technology Available (or Required) for it to Run On
- Resources and Experience Available to build it
- Implementation – Getting it Out There
- The Principles of Game-Based Learning

Chapter 7: Digital Game-Based Learning for Kids and Students: Edutainment
- Growing up with Learning Games
- Digital Game-Based Learning for pre-schoolers
- Digital Game-Based Learning in grades K-12
- Digital Game-Based Learning in Colleges and Universities
- Conclusions

Chapter 8: Digital Game-Based Learning for Adults
- Games Adults Play
- Computer Games at Work
- Jeopardy! The hidden training tool (shhh!)
- Simulations: Are they Games?
- Digital Game-Based Learning and the Internet
- Digital Game-Based Learning and Handhelds
- Conclusion


Chapter 9: Digital Game-Based Learning In Business: 40 Examples and Case Studies
from the Incredibly Simple to the Amazingly Complex

Chapter 10: True Believers: Digital Game-Based Learning in the Military


Chapter 11: Bringing Digital Game-Based Learning into your Organization
- Getting Started
- Categories of Digital Game-Based Learning Available
- Assessing Your Organization’s Game-Based Learning Style
- Learning Management Systems and Digital Game-Based Learning
- Fitting Digital Game-Based Learning Into Any Budget
- Fitting Digital Game-Based Learning into Corporate Universities and Curricula

Chapter 12: The Roles of Teachers and Trainers in Digital Game-Based Learning — Digital Game-Based Instruction
- Leaving Pleasantville
- New Roles for Trainers and Teachers
- Why Teachers and Trainers Will Make Learning Games
- Getting practical

Chapter 13: Convincing Management and Getting the Bucks – the Business Case for Digital Game-Based Learning
- What’s the Price Tag?
- Getting the Bucks
- Examples

Chapter 14: Evaluating Effectiveness: Does It Work?
- The Nay-Sayers
- The Evidence
- What About the Older Generations?
- Overcoming Barriers

Chapter 15: So You Have an Idea…
- The Model
- Don’t count on the training companies
- What about the games companies?
- And the edutainment companies?
- So What is the Answer?

Epilogue: The Future — Where Do We Go From Here?

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