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Don’t Bother Me Mom — I’m Learning

Don’t Bother Me Mom — I’m Learning is Marc’s second book, published in 2005. Its positive message about video games is aimed at both parents and educators. Prensky’s thesis that game playing helps kids in many positive ways was considered very controversial at the time — today, however, it is is widely-accepted as educational truth.


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Foreword by James Paul Gee, Ph.D.

Part I: Games are NOT the Enemy

1. Of Course You’re Worried: You Have No Idea What’s Going On!
2. The Really GOOD News About Your Kids’ Games
3. But Wait – What About All That BAD Stuff I Hear From The Press?

Part II. The Rise of the Digital Native

4. Our Kids Are Not Like Us : They’re Natives, We’re Immigrants,
5. Do They Really Think Differently?
6. The Emerging Online Life of the Digital Native

Part III. What’s Different About Today’s Games

7. Complexity Matters: What Most Adults Don’t Understand About Games
8. What Kids Learn That’s POSITIVE From Playing Computer Games
9. The Motivation Of Gameplay
10. Adaptivity in Games: Truly Leaving No Child Behind
11. It’s Not Just The Games – It’s The System

Part IV. What Our Kids Are Learning (On Their Own)

12. Economics and Business Lessons for a 10-Year-Old
13. How Kids Learn To Cooperate In Video Games
14. Video Games Are Our Kids’ First Ethics Lessons (Believe it or not!)
15. The Seven Games of Highly Effective People
16. “Modding” : Making Games of Their Own
17. Playing Video Games to Stay Healthy (Yes, Video Games!)
18. What Our Kids Could Be Learning From Their Cell Phones

Part V. How Parents, Teachers, and Other Adults Can Get In The Game!

19. Talk To Your Kids – Value What They Know
20. The New Language – A Digital Immigrant Remedial Vocabulary
21. How Parents Who “Get It” Are Educating Their Kids
22. Girls, Boys, Parents, Grandparents: There Are Games for Everyone
23. Moving Past “Edutainment” – Curricular Games are Coming
24. For Teachers: Using Games in the Curriculum and Classroom
25. Disintermediation: What Can Kids Learn On Their Own?
26. Are You as Brave as Your Kids? – Trying It Yourself
27. What to Do Right Now


Appendix: A Parent and Teacher Toolkit
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