Your presentation got my wheels turning, and they haven’t stopped.

Feedback from Audience Members

Marc always requests his audience to email him. These are some of the replies he has received over the years:

“Fantastic presentation. Thank you for an inspirational event!” (ECIS, London, 3/13)
“Thanks for a lot of thought provoking ideas. Several things you said set the day alight.” (ECIS, London 3/13)
“Thanks for your inspiring and thought provoking presentation.” (NCTIES Raleigh, 2/13)
“It was awesome!”(NCTIES Raleigh, 2/13)
“Your presentation last week got my wheels turning, and they haven’t stopped. You articulated what I have been thinking but couldn’t quite put into words.” (NCTIES Raleigh, 2/13)
“Your portion of the Sunday keynote was incredible.” (ISTE 7/12)
“Thank you again, we found it so powerful.” (Rome 6/12)
“We appreciated your talk so much today. Thank you so much for talking about the kids.” (Rome 6/12)
“I wanted to thank you for the valuable insights you provided us, especially since your presentation of a complex subject was soft and fun.” (Rome 6/12)
“I found it extremely stimulating and full of new ideas.” (Rome 6/12)
« Tout à fait intéressant. » (Microsoft, Paris 6/12)
« Passionnante. » (Microsoft, Paris 6/12)
“Thank you for your great work, and thank you for your understanding.” (Paris 5/12)
« Vous m’avez rassurée et vous avez apporté un modèle qui me paraît très clair. » (Paris 5/12)
“I really enjoyed your speech yesterday, at Microsoft’s conference on Learning….Enthusiasm is, for me, always the best medium to share one’s opinion. So thank you for yours!” (Paris 5/12)
« Félicitations pour votre présentation. C’était fantastique!!!! Tous les enseignants devraient avoir la chance de voir cette présentation. Ça fait réfléchir! » (Paris 5/12)
“You are absolutely fantastic. Please send me your PowerPoint presentation. You gave me a tremendous amount to think about and I am so excited.” (Professor, PACE University, 5/12)
« Un grand merci ! Votre présentation orale était super, une des plus dynamiques ! » (Belgium 5/12)
« J’ai trouvé votre exposé fort intéressant. » (Belgium 5/12)
“Thank you for your interesting presentation and insights.” (Belgium 5/12)
« Merci encore pour la clarté de vos propos et le partage de vos recherches et expériences. » (Belgium 5/12)
“The way that you did your lecture was so clear and understandable, that we all got a lot to think about.” (Denmark 5/12)
“Thank you so much for a fantastic hour in Aarhus today. It really enlightened me!” (Denmark 5/12)
“Very inspiring” (Denmark 5/12)
“Thank you for the great keynote address.” (Washington DC 5/12)
“I really enjoyed your presentation.” (Washington DC 5/12)
“Thank you so much for your insight… as parents and educators, we really appreciated your presentation!” (Washington DC 5/12)
“I want to say how much I appreciated your presentation last Sunday at the Brain and Learning Conference.” (Washington DC 5/12)
“Thanks so much for a fabulous presentation. I loved it.” (Washington DC 5/12)
“Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation today.” (Washington DC 5/12)
“Your presentation was spectacular!” (Washington DC 5/12)
“Your presentation has inspired me.” (Washington DC 5/12)
“Your challenging statements, passion and generosity are greatly appreciated!” (Washington DC 5/12)
“Very interesting!” (Washington DC 5/12)
“Enjoyed the humor, noun and verb presentation and volatility, uncertainty, chaos and ambiguity phrase of our times.” (Washington DC 5/12)
“Thank you for helping me make sense of what should be happening in our school.” (Washington DC, 5/12)
“Thanks for the great food for thought.” (Washington DC, 5/12)
“I enjoyed the way you stated your ideas.” (Washington DC, 5/12)
“Great presentation— it was really nice to hear the same message from students.” (Ottawa 4/12)
« J’ai beaucoup apprécié votre présentation de ce matin. » (Ottawa 4/12)
« Merci de ta présentation. Je ne sais pas comment je vais le faire encore, mais je vais y penser…et je vais dès mon retour commencer à parler moins… » (Ottawa 5/12)
« Un gros merci pour votre excellente présentation. » (Ottawa 4/12)
« Quelle belle conférence intéressante! Vous m’inspirez à changer ma façon d’enseigner afin d’offrir un meilleur avenir pour mes élèves. J’ai hâte de poursuivre mes efforts en technologie avec mes élèves. » (Ottawa 4/12)
« Merci pour la présentation divertissante mais surtout porteuse de réflexion! » (Ottawa 4/12)
« Votre présentation [était] très inspirante. Bravo et merci! » (Ottawa 4/12)
« Merci pour votre excellente présentation! » (Ottawa 4/12)
« J’ai été impressionné par la sagesse et la vision présenté dans votre livre et votre allocution. » (Ottawa 4/12)
« Votre présentation ouvre la porte à la réflexion….merci! » (Ottawa 4/12)
« Votre présentation est passionnante. Merci de la partager avec nous. » (Ottawa 4/12)
« Quelle présentation! J’ai beaucoup apprécié votre style de présentateur. » (Ottawa 4/12)
« Merci pour la belle présentation! Super!!! » (Ottawa 4/12)
“I enjoyed your presentation so much.” (FETC, Orlando, 1/12)
“A quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed your session.” (FETC, Orlando 1/12)
“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation.” (FETC, Orlando 1/12)
“Thank you again for the great presentation.” (FETC, Orlando 1/12)
“Thank you for a thought provoking presentation.” (FETC, Orlando 1/12)
“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation today.” (FETC, Orlando 1/12)
“I loved your presentation at FETC!… You are awesome!” (FETC, Orlando 1/12)
“The presentation was great.” (FETC, Orlando 1/12)
“Thanks for the great session today.” (FETC, Orlando 1/12)
“I just wanted to thank you again for the information you gave us.” (A+ Educators, Phoenix 1/12)
“This morning I was privileged to hear your keynote in Phoenix. It was definitely “edutainment”. I found the information fascinating and you were highly entertaining.” (A+ Educators, Phoenix, 1/12)
“THUMBS UP! On your presentation this morning:) Thank you helping me become more informed… Would appreciate very much a copy of your presentation so I can share with my staff. Continue to spread your enlightening message.”(A+ Educators Phoenix 1/12)
“I am currently sitting in your seminar and really enjoyed your seminar, and cannot wait to share the information I have learned this week with the other teachers in my school and diocese. Awesome job, I look forward to going back to work on Monday and implementing some changes in the classroom.” (Vista Learning, Boston, 10/11)
“Thank you for your presentation this morning. I appreciated how much you emphasized a balance.” (A+ Educators Phoenix 1/12)
“I really enjoyed your presentation and the big ideas you presented…. Thank you so much for your insight and the path you outlined!! Our school is grappling with all of these ideas and the directions we need to take. Your ideas make so much sense and I am taking them back to the group that is addressing all of this.” (A+ Educators Phoenix 1/12)
“Thank you for a wonderful presentation.” (A+ Educators Phoenix 1/12)
“Thank you for your inspiring lecture at the ISO IT Forum!” (Geneva 11/11)
“Thanks for your insightful presentation at the ISO IT Forum.” (Geneva 11/11)
“My colleagues and I were very impressed.” (Istanbul 11/11)
“Thank you for coming to Robert College last week to talk to us about teaching digital natives. Many of us have been continuing the discussion since you left.” (Istanbul 11/11)
“I had an opportunity to attend your presentation. It was very beautiful, I loved it.” (Istanbul 11/11)
“Thank you kindly for your very informative and interesting conference.” (Istanbul 11/11)
“I would like to thank you for your visionary presentation. Thank you for showing us a new perspective.” (Istanbul 11/11)
“I certainly enjoyed and was inspired by your presentation.” (Vista Learning, Boston, 10/11)
“Thank you for a wonderful workshop.” (Vista Learning, Boston, 10/11)
“Super job. Thank you so very much. Can’t wait to go back to my school (considered a technology school) to share not just with language, but our entire community.” (Vista Learning, Boston, 10/11)
“I love your take on learning. Please send me your wonderful slides.” (Vista Learning, Boston, 10/11)
“Thank you for the wonderful talk.” (Salem College, NC, 10/11)
“I just viewed your great presentation.” (Salem College, NC, 10/11)
“Thanks so much for a great presentation.” (Salem College, NC, 10/11)
“Thanks for your energizing presentation.” (Peninsula College, Port Angeles WA 10/11)
“Thanks for sharing your ideas with so many people around the globe! You are doing exceptional work!” (Peninsula College, Port Angeles WA 10/11)
“I am challenged immediately to up my skills.” (Peninsula College, Port Angeles WA 10/11)
“Great presentation!” (Johnson C. Smith University, Charlotte, NC, 9/11)
“Thank You for inspire us to do a better job in education.” (Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 9/12)
“It was fantastic!” (Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 9/12)
“Thank you for the great conference!” (Halton, Canada 8/11)
“Greatly appreciated your sessions.” (BLC Boston 7/11)
“I appreciated your presentation on the Five Skills Framework. The simplicity and clear structure of the framework will prove very helpful to me as a teacher.” (BLC Boston 7/11)
“First of all I want to say thank you for showing us the path to follow to improve our companies, our lives, etc.” (Escuelas Católicas, Madrid 7/11)
“I was really nice suprised by your conference, at the Camilo Jose Cela University last Friday, and I have thought of several applications of what you have said, as mother, teacher and consultant on HR and Diversity management. “(Escuelas Católicas, Madrid 7/11)
“Your presentation was truly thought-provoking.” (Texas 7/11)
“Thank you for your presentation – it was thought-provoking and inspiring!” (St Scholastica College, MN 6/11)
“I just attended your thought provoking presentation during the Middle Grades Institute and really enjoyed hearing and thinking about your work.” (University of Vermont, 6/11)
“Thank you for your excellent presentation at our recent conference.” (Cypress-Fairbanks TX 6/11)
“I really enjoyed your presentation in Houston last week. This summer, I am making an effort to start changing the way I will teach next year.” (Cypress-Fairbanks TX 6/11)
“Loved your presentation. It was enlightening.” (Cypress-Fairbanks TX 6/11)
“Amazing!” (Cypress-Fairbanks TX 6/11)
“Thank you so much for your insightful program.” (Cypress-Fairbanks TX 6/11)
“I truly enjoyed your presentation.” (AFS, NY 5/11)
“My compliments on your appearance at the Qwest Center for Infotec. Your presentation is about the best I have seen.” (Infotec 4/11)
“I was fortunate to hear you speak.” (Pearson, Austin, TX 4/11)
“I loved your presentation this afternoon.” (Omaha, NE 4/11)
“The presentation you made last Thursday in Atlanta …was extremely inspiring. Thanks!” (Atlanta, 4/11)
“Excellent presentation today.” (Atlanta, 4/11)
“Great job on your keynote! It was very informative and exciting!” (Atlanta, 5/11)
“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation this morning.” (Chandler, AZ 3/11)
“Your presentation sent a very powerful message and give me a clearer picture as to how I can send the message to my folks about the importance of reaching the students of today, with tools that they can relate to.” (Puerto Rico 3/11)
“I recently attended your Keynote presentation at the ATA Teacher’s Convention in Calgary and found it most interesting and informative.” (Calgary 2/11)
“I truly enjoyed your presentation at the Learning & the Brain Conference.” (San Francisco, 2/11)
“Great presentation.” (San Francisco, 2/11)
“Thank you for the inspiring presentation at the AAIE conference.” (San Francisco, 2/11)
“Your address was the best part of the conference for me.” (San Francisco, 2/11)
“Thank you for an entertaining and informative presentation.” (San Francisco, 2/11)
“I was thrilled by your presentation.” (San Francisco, 2/11)
“I can’t thank you enough for your motivating session!” (San Francisco, 2/11)
“Thank you for giving a very powerful and inspiring keynote message at this past weekend’s Learning and the Brain conference.” (San Francisco, 2/11)
“Thank you for your excellent presentation at the Learning and the Brain conference in San Francisco last week. You have such critical information to share! And, I also want to acknowledge and thank you for being such an outstanding speaker – not just for the content, but for the delivery as well.” (San Francisco, 2/11)
“I greatly enjoyed your presentation at the Calgary teachers Convention in Calgary.” (San Francisco, 2/11)
“I attended your talk yesterday and loved it!” (San Francisco, 2/11)
“Thank you again and again for an eye-opening session…so much food for thought.” (Alberta Canada 2/11)
“Thanks so much for speaking at the conference this past week. You’ve given me much to think about (San Francisco, 2/11)
“I very much enjoyed your keynote address. Your warmth and caring for children were evident, as were your ideas for helping teachers adapt to new ways of teaching.” (San Francisco, 2/11)
“You are why we flew across the country from Montreal to this conference. Thank you!” (San Francisco, 2/11)
“Great presentation this morning! If possible, I would love to have a copy of your presentation. I must say that of all the keynotes that I have sat through during this conference, yours was one of the best! Kudos to you on a job well done.” (San Francisco, 2/11)
“Excellent keynote session yesterday!” (San Francisco, 2/11)
“Thanks very much for what I would say was the most engaging and practically useful presentation I’ve seen so far at this conference.” (San Francisco, 2/11)
“I so appreciated your presentation. You made me want to teach kindergarten again.” (San Francisco, 2/11)
“Fantastic job at the Brain & Learning, San Francisco! Really enjoyed your presentation. Your slides did a great job of assisting my visual engagement.” (San Francisco, 2/11)
“Fantastic Presentation during your key note address. Thank you for your inspiration!” (Calgary 2/11)
“You opened my eyes and I would love to share with my co-workers.” (Calgary 2/11)
“I am always inspired by your presentations to continue the fight for change.” (AAIE, San Francisco, 2/11)
“Outstanding presentation and thank you.” (AAIE, San Francisco, 2/11)
“Thank you so much for your inspirational talk at the AAIE conference this morning. I was truly inspired by your message.” (AAIE, San Francisco, 2/11)
“Thank you for a presentation that moved me to a new place.” (AAIE, San Francisco, 2/11)
“Thanks a million for the energizing inspiring and passion centered presentation! I was mesmerized and connected to your message both on the professional and personal level.” (AAIE, San Francisco, 2/11)
“I want to congratulate you for your presentation and for the work you have done it was really an inspiration.” (WISE, Doha 12/10)
“Thank you for an inspiring presentation at WISE.” (WISE, Doha 12/10)
“I enjoyed your mind-broadening presentation tonight.” (University of Connecticut 11/10)
“I was really impressed with your presentation.” (Greensboro NC, 11/10)
“Thank you for the outstanding presentation this morning to the members of the NC School Board Association.” (Greensboro NC 11/10)
“I was engrossed during your talk Thanks so much for your work–it is inspiring!” (Cypress-Fairbanks, Texas 11/10)
“We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the Berry Center.” (Cypress-Fairbanks, TX. 11/10)
“I attended your presentation last week in Madrid, and I loved it.” (Madrid, Spain 10/10)
“I attended the Forum and would like to congratulate you again. It was truly inspiring…. Thank you again for your inspiration, it has sparked something inside that in itself it’s priceless.” (Madrid, Spain 10/10)
“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at Texas A&M Commerce.” (Mesquite, Texas 10/10)
“Thanks for such an eye-opening and enjoyable morning!” (Mesquite TX 10/10)
“Thank you for an awesome presentation at the brain summit!” (Houston, TX 10/10)
“Your presentation this week was truly outstanding! … my sincere compliments to you on both your material and your superb presentation skills.” (Business COO, 9/10)
“Wanted to thank you for your presentation at the above event – I was really impressed by the use you made of the 30 minutes both in terms of style and content.” (Business Development Manager 9/10)
“I attended your lecture on Monday and found it very interesting. I’ve been talking to my colleagues about it all week and would dearly love to share your slides with them.”(Head Teacher, UK 9/10)
“We attended your presentation today. It was awesome!!!!!!” (College Professors 5/09)
“Your thought-provoking, inspiring, and very entertaining plenary … has echoed in my mind ever since.” (College Faculty 4/09)
“I really enjoyed your talk which was interesting, thought-provoking and funny!” (College Faculty 4/09)
“Greatly appreciated your talk and student panel discussion here, and it has been the catalyst for some interesting discussion in our ranks.” (College Faculty, 3/09)
“Your presentation was very revealing and expressed exactly where we are at in teaching.” (College Faculty 4/09)
“You have certainly twisted my head around—in a good way!” (Assistant Professor of Education 2/09)
“Thank you for a wonderful keynote presentation last week. I enjoyed it immensely.”(School District Faculty 2/09)
“Your message is so important as we strive to reach today’s students. (Assistant Superintendent 1/09)
“You did a great job. I was not able to take down all the notes because I was so busy listening.” (Superintendent 1/09)
“You did a great job. I was not able to take down all the notes because I was so busy listening.” (Superintendent 1/09)
“Thank you for such a wonderful presentation yesterday morning…! I’m looking forward to taking the information you shared back to our faculty and try to convince them to embrace the rapid change we’re experiencing, and will experience. It’s either that or it’s time to retire.” (Second year Teacher, 12/07)
“Thank you very much for delivering such an inspiring keynote address today.” (Teacher, 12/07)
“I was truly inspired by your keynote.” (Tech Coordinator, 12/07)
“What an awesome presentation. I am a Principal at a small High School … and would love to share your presentation with my staff. “ ( Principal, 11/07)
“Thank you again for an insightful presentation.” (Superintendent, 10/07)
“I was at the … Superintendents’ fall conference and enjoyed your keynote address.” (Superintendent, 11/07)
“I don’t know how much you can forward; but anything would be helpful as I try to convince the teachers at my elementary school the urgency of looking toward the future and the use of technology. … I look forward to hearing more of your ideas for the future of education.” (5th grade Teacher, 12/07)
“Awesome presentation…. I would very much like a copy if possible. Thank you very much for your words of wisdom.” (Technology Coach 11/07)