Your presentations were fantastic… In fact, you caused
a major stir

Feedback from Conference Organizers

Marc solicits feedback from the organizers of all the events at which he speaks. Here are some of their comments:

“Your presentation offered fresh thinking and practical recommendations for our iZone schools and the wider system – a perfect capstone to the event.” (iCamp organizer, New York City Department of Education, Innovation Zone, July 2013)

“Thank you very much once again for sharing your inspiring ideas with us. Your idea of having a panel of adult learners was a huge hit. Everybody I talked to told me how amazing the two chats with you were, as well as the closing keynote.” (AQIFGA Conference Organizer, Montreal, April 2013)

“You are a brilliant thinker and speaker. Your presentations were fantastic —you really have great communication skills. You woke up the slumbering officials. You then shook up people into thinking about what education in the c21 should look like. In fact, you caused a major stir.” (Commonwealth of Learning Conference Organizer, August 2012)

« C’était vraiment excellent. » (Conference organizer, « Quelle école pour demain ? », Microsoft, Paris, June 2012)

“Thanks for such a great job last night!” (ISTE Conference organizer, San Diego, CA May 2012)

“What a terrific talk!” (Dean, PACE University, Pleasantville, NY, May 2012)

“Your keynote session was well received by our faculty.” (Conference organizer, PACE University, Pleasantville NY 5/12)

“Exceeded my expectations.” (Ministry representative, Dept of Education Conference, Ottawa, Canada, 5/12)

“We’ve received a lot of very positive feedback on your talk from the audience.” (Conference organizer, Aarhus, Denmark 5/12)

« Merci encore une fois pour l’excellent travail que tu as fait avec nous. » (Conférence organizer, Ottawa Canada 5/12)

“Thank you so much for an enriching and insightful time!” (Conference Organizer, Full Sail University, Orlando, FL 6/12)

“Your session was one of the top rated of the two days. And I too heard words like “thoughtful”, “provocative” and “inspiring” to describe your panel.” (President, FOSI 11/11)

“We have received nothing but positive feedback from the conference participants regarding your keynote speech. The information in your presentation and the subsequent dialog with the attendees was both captivating and timely. Our only regret is that we did not have more time to discuss this important topic with you.” (Conference organizers, STEM conference 9/11)

“The debate and interactions with students were terrific. I’ve heard from faculty that discussions about their views have continued in the classes since their visit last week.” (Organizer, debate with Mark Bauerlein, Augustana College, 9/11)

“The feedback from the students after the Thursday night Comenius Symposium was OVERWHELMINGLY (and unsolicited) positive! I’ve also heard from Summit and Salem Academy that they found your time here to be very thought-provoking and to have prompted lots of in-school discussion….and that is how I define “successful!” (Professor, Salem College 8/11)

“Como ya se que entiendes y hablas perfectamente español, te escribo en mi idioma para agradecerte muy sinceramente tu participación en nuestro congreso. Tu ponencia y el panel de alumnos ha sido una de las más valoradas por los 1500 congresistas que participaron en el evento, y por ello nos sentimos muy contentos y honrados por tu presencia en él.” (Organizer, Escuelas Cathólicas Conference, Madrid 8/11)
“Thanks again for getting our conference started in the right direction.” (Director of IT, International Standards Organization, Geneva, 8/11)

“You were one of the very best speakers last year (many positive feedbacks)” (Conference organizer, WISE, Doha Qatar, 11/11)

“You certainly gave us plenty of food for thought and we continue to get very positive feedback.” (Conference organizer, Dublin City University, Ireland 9/11)

“We look forward to your lectures in our events in the future.” (Conference organizer, Kroton, Belo Horizonte, Brazil 9/11)

“You made a great impression upon those who heard you and they were very pleased with your presentation.” (Conference organizer, NE Media Literacy Conference 3/11)

“We are grateful to have had you provide the keynote presentation, student panel, and break out- What fun!” (Conference Organizer, The College of St. Scholastica, Michigan, 5/11)

“Thank you for your challenging presentation to the Board.” (President and CEO AFS, 5/11)

“Many thanks for a thought-provoking session. Your message was both right-on and well placed! (Conference organizer, AAIE, San Francisco, 2/11)

“The evaluations filled out by the participants were highly complementary.” (Conference Organizer, Houston TX 10/10)

“Once again, thank you for inspiring us. I have heard nothing but positive remarks!! I can assure you your comments will have lasting impressions.”
(Conference Organizer, 6/10)

“Thank you again for a powerful presentation that was very well received. [by the audience of school superintendents]” (Conference Organizer, 4/10)

[Your keynote] “was inspirational and thought provoking, and delivered with great energy.”
(Conference Organizer, 4/09)

“Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation!” (Conference Organizer, 2/09)

“We have heard a lot of wonderful feedback from your presentation.” (Conference Organizer , 1/09)

“I had so many people coming up to me telling me how much they enjoyed your presentation and how it had “made them think.” (Conference Organizer 10/07)

“Thanks again for a most stimulating start for our [conference]. The ‘buzz’ is still buzzing.” (Conference Organizer, 10/07)