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From Digital Natives to Digital Wisdom

From Digital Natives to Digital Wisdom: Hopeful Essays on Education, was published by Corwin in 2012. A collection of Marc’s best writings over the preceding decade, the book illustrates well the flow and development of Marc’s visionary ideas.


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Foreword by Milton Chen


1. The Reformers Are Leaving Our Schools in the 20th Century: Why most U.S. school reformers are on the wrong track, and how to get our kids’ education right for the future
2. On Learning: “e-Learning” Is a Misnomer—it’s mostly just “e-Teaching.” For any teaching to reliably and consistently produce the results we want, we still have a lot to learn about learning
3. Education as Rocket Science: A new metaphor for what educators do
4. Turning On the Lights: “Dis-enlightenment,” and the splitting of education at the start of the 21st century
5. Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants: Part I: A New Way to Look at Ourselves and Our Kids, and Part II: Do They Really Think Differently?
6. The Emerging Online Life of the Digital Native: What kids do differently because of technology, and how they do it
7. Young Minds, Fast Times: The 21st century digital learner
8. Blame Our Young? Or Use Their Passion!: We can do better than just lay the responsibility for solving our nation’s problems on the backs of our kids
[MP: deleting this essay]9. To Educate, We Must Listen: Reflections from traveling the world
10. Bringing the Future to School: The Prensky Challenge: Who will be the first to challenge rather than blame our students?
11. An Open Letter to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: There is one lasting impact that only you can make
Questions for Reflection: Part 1


12. The Role of Technology in Teaching and the Classroom
13. Backup Education? Too many teachers see education as preparing kids for the past, not the future
14. Simple Changes in Current Practices May Save Our Schools: “Easy-to-do,” high-impact steps all teachers should take
15. The Long View: Why YouTube Matters: Why short video is so important, why we should all be using it, and why blocking it hurts our kids’ education
16. Beyond the Lemonade Stand: Economics and business lessons for a 10-year-old from a computer game
17. Types of Learning and Possible Game Styles
18. On Being Disrespected: Response to email feedback from a reader
19. Let’s Be “Digital Multipliers”: Eliminating the digital divide is something educators can and should do
20. Search Versus Research: or, the fear of Wikipedia overcome by new understanding for a digital era
21. Simulation Nation: Inventive computer sims can turn dull lessons into hyper-real experiences—if we can get educators to use them
22. What Can You Learn From a Cell Phone? Almost Anything!
23. The True 21st Century Literacy Is Programming: Power will soon belong to those who can master a variety of expressive human-machine interactions
[MP: Let’s just call this an essay]
24. Homo Sapiens [MP: slightly different title in file]Digital: From Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants to Digital Wisdom
Questions for Reflection: Part 2

Final Note