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Game-Related Articles

In addition to two books on educational games: Digital Game-Based Learning and Don’t Bother Me Mom—I’m Learning, Marc has written numerous essays and articles related to games and simulations:

1. The True Twenty-first Century Literacy Is Programming (In Edutopia, Feb 2008)
2. Students as Designers and Creators of Educational Computer Games — Who Else? (pub. online by Microsoft, 2007)
3. Simulation Nation — Inventive computer sims can turn dull lessons into hyperreal experiences — If we can get educators to use them. (In Edutopia, March 2007)
4. The Rules Of Engagement – Prensky Interview on (scroll down)
5. Mobile Phone Imagination– Using Devices Kids Love for Their Education (in Vodaphone Receiver )
6. In Educational Games COMPLEXITY MATTERS — Mini-Games are Trivial — but “Complex” Games Are Not
7. List of Tools for Building [Learning] Games –Templates, Frames, Game Makers, Simple Engines, Prototyping Tools, Building Tools, Modding Tools, 3D Engines — All on one page (updates appreciated)
8. Beyond the Lemonade Stand — Economics and Business Lessons for a 10-year-old From a Computer Game
9. The Seven Games of Highly Effective People — How Game Playing Helps You Succeed in School, Work and Life
10. How Kids Learn To Cooperate In Video Games — A Guide for Parents and Teachers
11. “Modding” – The Newest Authoring Tool
12. WEB SITE: Social Impact Games — A Catalog of “Serious” Computer Games with Non-Entertainment Goals
13. Games Parents Teachers: a resource — A Resource for Parents and Teachers
14. ONLINE DISCUSSION: What Can Education Learn from the Video Game Industry? — Jim Gee, Chris Dede, Marc Prensky and a high school student.
15. Really Good News About Your Children’s Video Games –They’re the best learning tools we have
16. What Kids Learn That’s POSITIVE From Playing Video Games — Quite a bit, as it turns out…
17. Escape from Planet Jar-Gon. Or, What Video Games Have To Teach Academics About Teaching and Writing : A Review of James Paul Gee’s “What Videogames Have To Teach Us About Learning and Literacy”
18. Why Games Engage Us– 12 Reasons
19. The Motivation of Gameplay– or, the REAL 21st Century Learning Revolution
20. Types of Learning And Possible Game Styles–A Useful Chart
21. Fun, Play and Games: What Makes Games Engaging? — Digital Game-Based Learning Chapter 5
22. The Intellectual Arcade– A Great Training Concept
23. Video Games and the Attack on America
24. Simulation Nation — Inventive computer sims can turn dull lessons into hyperreal experiences — If we can get educators to use them. (In Edutopia, March 2007)
25. Interactive Pretending –An Overview of Simulation
26. Simulations : Are They Games?
27. Why NOT Simulation
28. Has Growing Up Digital and Extensive Video Game Playing Affected Younger Military Personnel’s Skill Sets? — A Paper Delivered at I/ITSEC 2003.
29. True Believers: Digital Game-Based Learning in the Military — Digital Game-Based Learning Chapter 10
30. DCSO: Incorporating Cyber-Gaming — A Paper Delivered at I/ITSEC 2002
31. A Field Game Developer Corps — Is It Time For The “GameBees”?

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