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Learning Games Theory & Design


Marc is an innovator in both the creation and theory of digital learning games. (Click below to play one of Marc’s Learning Games.) He has written two books on games and created two learning games companies:

Games2Train Spree Games

Marc was an early pioneer in the fields now known as “Serious Games” and “Gamification,” creating some of the world’s first video-game-based training tools. His authoritative book Digital Game-Based Learning , the first comprehensive book in the field, was published in 2001 and is still available on Amazon. His second book on games, Don’t Bother Me Mom—I’m Learning, appeared in 2003, and is also still widely-read.

Marc’s current involvement in learning games is around >creating ways for teachers and parents to use games for curricular learning and in creating learning games that are engaging and effective for today’s “Digital Native” youth. (See Spree Learning Games.)

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Marc’s current game-related services include:

  • Products from Games2train and Spree Games (including apps)
  • Advice and consulting to organizations and teams building educational games
  • Custom-designing and building educational games for schools and businesses
  • Licensing pre-built games, apps and educational templates

Play one of Marc’s Learning Games: