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Practical Educator

Marc is above all an educator —- he wants to help all kids not just to learn, but to succeed in the world. While Marc has many thoughts about how things need to change in the longer term, he is also very concerned about the needs of the kids in our classrooms today. Marc is also sensitive, because of his own teaching experience, to the daily pressures and needs of today’s teachers.

Marc is always searching for practical things that teachers can do, with or without technology, and without extraordinary effort, to adapt their teaching to the modern world.

Click on these links for practical help and suggestions:

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  2. Partnering Tips
  3. More Practical Suggestions
  4. Ways to Use Technology Powerfully

Here are some examples:

A Practical Suggestion (example):

Take 15 minutes to go around your classroom, asking each student in turn what their passion is (in a word or two.) Write it down (that way the students know you are serious.) Later, use this information to divide up students into “passion groups” and to personalize your instruction.

A Partnering Tip (example):

Ask your class if they think you talk too much, or more than you need to. Then ask them for suggestions on how you could reduce the amount of time you tell. You will likely be surprised by their answers.

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High Leverage Actions: Easy to do–Big impact
Partnering Tips
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