Prensky’s book is deep theory spelled out in absolutely lucid and novel practical ideas.

A Unique and Powerful Message

Marc’s practical and visionary message is deep and wide-ranging, going far beyond technology into the heart of what an education is and should be.

Because Marc’s message is original and different (“I was awed and inspired by your presentation.”–a high school principal), he is a highly sought after motivational speaker about future education—in all fields and at all levels.

Elements of Marc’s important and unique message include:

–Civilization-level Change in Education (CIVICHE)
–Education to Better Their World
–Globally Empowered Kids
–Real-world Accomplishment-Based Education
–Achievement vs. Accomplishment
–Extended Minds, All Networked Together
–The World Needs a New Curriculum
–Using Technology Powerfully (vs. Trivially)
–The End of “Past-ucation”
–Not Under-Estimating Our Kids
–Adapting to our New Global Context
–Nouns vs. Verbs
–Becoming vs. Learning
–The Last Pre-Internet Generation
–Brain Gain
–The Quest for Digital Wisdom
–Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants

Marc’s message can be found in his many books, essays, interviews, tweets, articles, speeches and videos.

For a quick introduction to Prensky’s thinking, you can read his many inspirational tweets. Examples:

Marc Prensky Twitter