Prensky’s book is deep theory spelled out in absolutely lucid and novel practical ideas.

Student Comments

Here are some of my favorite comments from students in the course of the 100+ panels I have conducted:

“You guys think of technology as a tool. We think of it as a foundation—it underlies everything we do.”

“I stopped having to learn to calculate when my phone learned how to do it.”

“When I go to school I have to power down.”

“In olden days, you had to memorize phone numbers.”

“If you don’t ask us, you have no idea what we’re thinking.”

“There is so much difference between how students think and how teachers think.”

“A lot of teachers make a PowerPoint and they think they’re so awesome. But it’s just like writing on the blackboard.”

“Outside of school I think and make decisions. In school I just follow directions.”

“If it’s [i.e. technology is] the way we want to learn, and the way we can learn, you should let us do it.”

“Computers don’t cut us off from the world. We share with others and get help. Technology helps — it strengthens interactions so we can always stay in touch and play with other people. I’ve never gone a day without talking to my friends online.”

“Kids grew up around computers. They love them. Their computers are their second teachers at home.”

“If I were using simulation in school, that would be the sweetest thing ever!”

“A lot of students care — you [i.e. teachers] just don’t realize it.”