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Taking the Students’ Point of View

One of Prensky’s unique strengths is his ability to see the world of education from the students’ point of view. As students have often told him (and audiences):

“Students do not get the opportunity that often to share their ideas.”

“If you don’t talk to us, you have no idea what we’re thinking.”

Student Panels

Student Panel Marc Prensky

For over a decade, Marc has been including unique “student panels” in his talks – a way to get the voice of local students heard by their teachers and administrators — often for the first time. The goal is to start and encourage student-educator dialog about how todays kids function in school.

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Using Students for Effective Educational Planning

Marc argues persuasively that effective education today cannot be designed or created only from the top down, but must involve large amounts of student participation in the design process. He therefore strongly recommends educators to listen more carefully to students. He encourages soliciting and incorporating student views on how they work best into all the education we provide.

Many of our educational problems, Marc believes, come from ignoring our students as creative individuals and focusing only on their test scores.

Marc believes strongly in the abilities of today’s students, and thinks that, with the tools available to them today, they have the potential to be the best generation the world has ever seen — if we prepare them properly.