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Visionary Thinker

Marc is well-known for his visionary ideas. Although Prensky’s ideas sometimes encounter resistance at first (as always happens with new thinking) many of Marc’s original ideas have become widely accepted as a good way — or even the best way — to view and do education. Marc’s current vision, to be put forth in his next book, is to totally transform the K-12 curriculum for the 21st century.

Examples of Marc’s “visionary” thinking include:

  • The metaphor of “Digital Natives / Digital Immigrants”
  • The concepts of “Past-ucation” and Future-cation”
  • The concept of “Digital Wisdom”
  • Making “becoming” rather than “learning” the goal of school and education
  • The “New Basics”: Effective Thinking, Effective Action, Effective Relationships and Effective Accomplishment
  • The UPLIFT curriculum for the 21st century
  • Using cell phones as learning tools (Marc was the first to champion this)
  • Using learning games in class (Marc was among the earliest promoters)
  • Partnering as the best pedagogy
  • Holding Student Panels to enable educators to listen respectfully to kids’ opinions
  • Programming as a New Literacy
  • Asking all students about their passion
  • Promoting Mutual Respect
  • “Intellectual Eminent Domain”
  • The Prensky Challenge

>Descriptions of some of Prensky’s Visionary Ideas:

“The Prensky Challenge”

In a 2003 essay Prensky suggested we give kids a fantastic new curriculum—but only if they finished and showed mastery of the current curriculum in half the allotted time. See [link to come]

“Intellectual Eminent Domain”

In a 2002 essay, Prensky suggested that good, effective educational software ideas were too important to be the intellectual property of individual companies, because that would mean that no single product could have all of them. He suggested that, as with important military ideas, the government purchase these ideas for a fair price for everyone’s use. See [link to come]