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Marc is an original, insightful, entertaining, and persuasive writer. Has published seven books, and written over 100 essays, articles, chapters and reviews (see menus below and at right). His writings have been translated into 11 languages (see International).

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Comments on Marc’s writing from Professors of Education :

“Marc Prensky was always ahead of his time. Education to Better Their World continues this trend in spades. This book is a goldmine and a powerful wakeup call that the future is already here—in pockets right now but a harbinger of what is rapidly emerging. Read the book and make yourself part of the future today.”
(MICHAEL FULLAN, Professor Emeritus, OISE / University of Toronto)

“A brilliant how-to for 21st century teachers and students”
(Lawrence L. Smith, Education Professor, Ball State)

“Prensky’s book is deep theory spelled out in absolutely lucid and novel practical ideas that together make up not just a curriculum but a whole approach to education in the digital age.”
(James Paul Gee, Education Professor, ASU)

Reviewers have called Prensky’s writing “Intriguing” ”Astute” “Challenging” and an “Essential Read.”