“Inspiring”“Thought Provoking”“Buzz-Creating”

Visionary, yet Practical Perspectives
on Education for Today and Tomorrow

from Marc Prensky: Education Keynote Speaker + Author


Marc Prensky — Education is Now a Big Experiment (2014, Madrid)

Marc Prensky — A New Goal, A New What, A New How (2015, New York)

Interview (2013, Kuala Lumpur)


An internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and innovator in the field of education, Marc Prensky offers deep experience and insight into updating our education for today’s world, and into using technology in powerful ways to educate today’s youth.

Marc has been acclaimed as a “thought leader” – a forward-thinking innovator with ideas that are generally years ahead of the rest of the world. His track record—with games, cell phones, videos, programming and many other things— shows that typically he is right, and the world eventually catches up!

A Motivational Speaker for Teachers & Education Leaders

Marc is both practical and visionary . In his speaking and writing, Marc translates his powerful vision and breadth of knowledge into actionable steps that teachers can take immediately – providing educators with a greater understanding of where we are now, and how to get where we want to be tomorrow – and well into the future.

An Inspiring Educational Author

Marc Prensky’s unique and inspiring message about education can be found in his many books, essays, interviews, tweets, articles, speeches and videos.