Marc Prensky’s answer to the question “What is the purpose of education?”   — that education should now empower youth to improve their communities and the world — would unleash the energy, creativity, and compassion of students and teachers in ways we have never imagined.
We need the better world Prensky envisions and we need it now.

— Milton Chen, The George Lucas Educational Foundation

We all want our kids to be educated. What’s changing is what an education is, and what “being educated” means.

Marc Prensky

Marc Prensky—one of the smartest people working in educational reform today—offers us a lucid, inspiring, optimistic, doable, and crucial blueprint for how we can build a future with the schools children desperately need in our modern, high-risk, highly complex, fast-changing, and imperiled world.

— James Paul Gee, Mary Lou Fulton Presidential Professor of Literacy Studies, Arizona State University

Marc Prensky is an award-winning, internationally-acclaimed speaker, author, and “practical visionary” in the field of education. He is currently the founder and Executive Director of The Global Future Education Foundation and Institute.
Marc has spoken in over 40 countries, authored seven books, and published over 100 essays; his writing has been translated into 11 languages. Marc’s latest book, Education to Better Their World: Unleashing the Power of 21st Century Kids (Columbia TC Press, 2016), won the FOREWORD INDIES 2016 Book of the Year Award Gold Prize for Education.
Marc’s background includes teaching at all levels — elementary through college, six years at the Boston Consulting Group, and 10 years as founder and CEO of a software  game development company. He has been a professional musician and has acted on Broadway. He holds degrees from Oberlin College, Middlebury College, Yale University and the Harvard Business School.. 
Keynote Speaker

Marc is both a visionary and practical . speaker, Itranlating his powerful vision into actionable steps that teachers can take immediately — providing educators with a greater understanding of where we are now, and how to get where we want to be tomorrow. He has spoken in over 40 countries. 


Marc has authored seven books, and published over 100 essays; his writing has been translated into 11 languages. His latest book,Education to Better Their World, Unleashing the Power of 21st Century Kids won the FOREWARD INDIES Book of the Year Award 2016 GOLD PRIZE FOR EDUCATION.


Marc has taught at all levels, from elemetary to college. He has been acclaimed as a true “thought leader” – a forward-thinking innovator with ideas for educating kids  that are typically years ahead of the rest of the world. One innovative school in Spain named a classroom in his honor!


Marc spent six years at the famed Boston Consulting Group. He often sees the world in ways others don’t (or don’t yet), viewing “education” from new perspectives, and particularly from the point of view of students. He is an insightful advisor for companies seeking to create new educational technology .

In the past two year,s Marc has spoken in New Delhi, Hyderabad, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Moscow, Alabama, Georgia, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hawaii, NYC, Colorado, The Dominican Republic, Columbia, Hong Kong, Virginia, Oslo, London. Atlantic City, Madrid, Bulgaria, Canada, Brazil and Silicon Valley..
Nov. 2018.          WA State School Directors Association
                                          Spokane, WASHINGTON

.Mar. 2019.         Univerity of Murcia
                                          Murcia, SPAIN

.Mar. 2019.        The International
Government Communication Forum 2019
                                          Sharjah, UAE

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[Prensky’s portion of the ISTE keynote]

You are spot on with our need to stop dabbling around the edges of innovation and begin making wholesale structuring, philosophical, and political shifts in the way we educate our youth.
School superintendent (18 years)

Thank you! for being a voice for those of us who feel we have none. 

“Digital culture has revolutionary implications for education that too few people grasp. Marc Prensky understands them better than anyone I know. His insights and clarity shine a powerful light on the deficiencies of education in the present and illuminate the extraordinary possibilities of the future.” 
–Sir Ken Robinson

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